Proofreader by profession with 35 years experience proofreading for major publishers.

I started working in a print shop after school back in high school and continued most of my life working in the printing and publishing fields.

I proofread magazines and books for major magazines and book publishing houses.

I write the Fantastic Five on Zibbet. Check them out!

I write articles for Livestrong. This is one I wrote recently about living in campgrounds.

I write articles for like this one on "How to have a totally handmade Christmas." I included a link to Zibbet.

This is one of my favorites that I wrote about "How to Make Rubber Stamps with Rubber Bands."

I write articles for like this one:

Okay one more, "Fun Pet Games for Kids." by me:

Below are photos of just a few of the hundreds of published books I have proofread. Click on photos to see them a 'little' larger.

American Photographer


I have three other shops on Zibbet where you can check my feedback.

Portable Graffiti Graphics, where I design logos, banners, avatars, business cards, product tags, labels and more.

Portable Graffiti, where I sell pinback buttons in 4 sizes and mirrors in 2 sizes:

Portable Graffiti Graphics, for Banners, Web Ads, Brochures, Flyers, and all your graphic needs.

Wild Goose Chase, where I sell shop vintage and other crafty curiosities.

Proofreading Editing Writing Service

In order to sell on Zibbet it helps to have good spelling and well worded "announcements" on your main page, correct spelling on your "profile," and "descriptions" of your items that are easy to read and include all the pertinent information a buyer needs to make a decision to purchase.

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